A beautiful wine storage area can be a wonderful solution for anyone who loves to collect fine-tasting wines or who regularly enjoys sipping on a glass of crisp wine. A beautiful wine storage area can enhance the aesthetics of certain living spaces like an open-plan kitchen or living room. Proper wine storage solutions can also be beneficial for preserving these tasty beverages because wine should be stored at room temperature and a correct humidity level.

There are lots of great ways to create an interesting and beautiful wine storage area in your home and in this guide, we are going to take a look at some of the best concepts.

Glass Encased Wall Mounted Racks

Wall storage hooks or racks can be a great way to utilize your wall space and display a beautiful wine collection. Wine racks can easily be mounted on any wall and allow you to store lots of wine bottles vertically. And if you want to keep your wine bottles nice and clean, or accentuate your display then you can create a glass case around your bottles. Glass cases can also make it easier to maintain an ideal storage temperature and won’t restrict your view of your collection. 

Wine Cellar Room Divider

A room divider can help isolate certain spaces or create a barrier between two different spaces like a breakfast nook and a kitchen. To create this functional room divider, you can get a freestanding wine cellar set installed. The cellar racks will act as a barrier and can be utilised by filling them with all of your favorite wine blends.

Kitchen Island Wine Rack

The area underneath your kitchen island is an ideal spa e to display a large collection of fine-tasting wines. Simply convert it from a normal cabinet to a cabinet with sliding glass doors. You can then proceed to install cube wine racks inside this space. The cube wine racks are perfect for creating lots of storage space and will make it easy to access the beverages you might want to drink. This wine storage area can be accentuated by installing lots of downlights underneath the worktop. 

Line The Hall Walls

Your hallway is an ideal space to leverage if you want to display a large wine collection. If you have a narrow hallway then we recommend installing wall-mounted racks or pegs so you can place the wine bottles directly against the wall. Those with a wider hallway can consider cellar wine racks along the length of the hallway or at the end of your hallway. These types of displays will look particularly beautiful if you install lots of downlights or light strips to illuminate your collection. 

Hidden Behind Sliding Barn Doors

If you want to shield your wine collection from preying eyes or prefer to keep your fine blends in a dark space then you can always consider a built-in cellar with a couple of beautiful hardwood barn doors in front. The cellar can be lined with wine racks so you can stock up on plenty of wine bottles. If the two barn doors can easily slide open to reveal your collection, it will result in quite a spectacular display. 

A large and luxurious collection of fine-tasting wines shouldn’t be hidden away in a dusty basement. With the right display racks or storage system, you can use your collection as home decor so guests can marvel at your fine collection. At Cellar Shop, we specialize in wine racks. We can help you create any of these wonderful concepts inside your home or we can assist with a custom-designed wine-racking system. With our help, your wine collection can stay protected and will look quite impressive.

December 21, 2023 — Deepak V